Objective: Quantify the interrelations and trade-offs between the water, energy, and transportation sectors under different scenarios:

  1. Increasing (or decreasing) production
  2. Change in oil and gas market price
  3. Different lateral lengths
  4. Amount of reused water
  5. Varying mode of transport for water and oil/gas

An interactive planning tool for assessing the impact of each of the scenarios will be developed.

Demonstrate a comprehensive assessment of different scenarios of Energy Development, specifically, the impacts on the Transportation and Water sectors in Texas. The tool as a Decision Support System (DSS) supports managers and analysts to

  1. Developing new plans for sustained road integrity
  2. Planning for safety and security on roads
  3. Controlling emissions
  4. Decreasing the energy footprint for the entire system
  5. Minimizing water use
  6. Minimizing negative impact on water and soil